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About ACSI

Acer Cyber Security Inc. (ACSI) is founded in 2000, We provide professional cyber security services for business.



ACSI provides services in various industry, such as government agencies, the financial securities' sector, insurances, manufacturing, logistic business also e-commerce companies, and so forth. Currently, the four major categories of ACSI  services include security management, security monitoring, security auditing and Information sharing and OT security management service.

Cyber Security Self-Assessment for First Line Defense

Unsafe Accounts
Missing Security Update
Suspicious Activities

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Our Cyber Security Self-Assessment solution is specifically designed to serve as the first line of defense for MSMEs. Whether you're an IT professional, cybersecurity analyst, security consultant, or an MIS staff member in an MSME, we invite you to explore its capabilities. Request our free trial toolkit by completing the form and take the first step in securing your computer – it's never too late to start.

To get started, please fill out the registration form. Once you've completed it, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions on how to download and execute the toolkit on your preferred platform.

  • Sign up for the trial.
  • Download the Cyber Security Self-Assessment Toolkit.
  • Unzip the toolkit and refer to the "User manual.pdf" for instructions.
  • Upload the scan output file (*.acsilog).
  • Wait to receive your Cyber Security Self-Assessment Report.

Rest assured, our registration process is quick, hassle-free, and designed to have you up and running in no time.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions you may have when signing up for the free trial

•  How many times can an email address be registered?

An email address can be registered 10 times, but each registration can only generate a scanning report for one host.

•  Can I register as individual user?

Yes, personal email addresses are accepted. However, disposable or temporary email addresses are not allowed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this limitation.

•  What should I do if I don't receive verification email?

We suggest that you first verify that the email you entered is correct and then check your spam/junk email folder for any confirmation emails. If you still haven't received any, please try registering with a different email address.

•  After submitted the registration form, can I modify registered information?

No, you can't.
Question about the email we may send to you

•  What should I do if I don't receive toolkit download and scanned result upload links?

We suggest that you first verify that the email you entered is correct and then check your spam/junk email folder for any emails. If you still haven't received any, please try registering with a different email address.

•  What emails should I expected to received?

You will receive one verification email, one email containing toolkit download link and upload link for scanned output file, and an email with the self-assessment report after you upload a scanned output file. Additionally, you will receive a verification mail for OTP (One-Time Password) when you want to download the toolkit or upload the scanned result for generating a report. Please note that we do not send emails for advertisements, promotions, news, or any other purposes."

•  How do I know the emails are sent from ACSI?

All the emails sent from us will be signed.
Questions you may have while executing the self-assessment toolkit

•  Checksum of the Toolkit file (SHA256)

Checksum (SHA-256):

•  Why does the toolkit require administrator privilege to run?

The toolkit needs admin privilege to read system configurations.

•  What data in my computer does this toolkit scan?

The toolkit gathers information of system files, installed applications, security updates, system configuration, local account setting and network connections and settings.

•  Does the toolkit read confidential or private data in my computer?

No, it doesn't. The toolkit does not touch any sensitive, private, or personal data in your computer, such as email content, personal documents, private chat/conversation, web browser history, passwords, network packets, bank accounts, or any data stored in applications.

•  When you notice that the content in the CMD window of the program has paused and won't refresh, how should I handle it?

If you notice that the progress after the "Analyzing..." doesn't update anymore, it means your mouse clicked on the CMD screen. Please click on the paused CMD window first and press Enter on your keyboard to allow the program to continue running.

•  What is the supported operating system version for host scanning?

The supported operating system versions for host scanning are Windows 10, 11, and Windows Server 2016, 2019.

•  Will the toolkit change or modify any setting on my computer?

No, it won't.

•  What should I do if the anti-virus software on my computer detected the toolkit as malicious file?

Please confirm that the toolkit was download from our website and the checksum value of the toolkit is equal to the checksum value on our website .If the checksum value of the toolkit is correct, please add the toolkit to the whitelist of the anti-virus software. Otherwise, please contact .

•  How long does it take for the self-assessment?

It takes 30 minutes in average. Depending on the performance and environment of your computer, it may spend hours to finish the task.
Question about the self-assessment report

•  What should I do if I lost my password for report decryption?

We are unable to retrieve your password and send it back to you. Therefore, you must re-register with or without new password and obtain the upload link again to re-upload your files.

•  How long will I receive the report after I submit the scanned result?

Normally, reports can be received within several minutes, but depending on the quantity of requests, it generally does not exceed three days.

•  Is my computer safe if no any weakness was identified by the toolkit?

We don't guarantee that. The toolkit just scan a part of basic and critical weakness in your computer. No weakness was identified by our toolkit doesn't mean that there is no any other weakness in your computer.

•  What should I do if weaknesses are found?

The report provides either step-by-step mitigation or a general guideline for each weakness. You may search for solutions from the appendix section of report or seek helps from the cyber security vendors.

•  Why is there nothing about Windows updates in the report?

There are some mistakes while the toolkit was running. For example, when your computer needs to reboot due to a Windows update issue, the toolkit may not obtain any results.
Question about the overall procedure of self-assessment

•  How many times can I execute the toolkit and upload the scanned result (either on a computer or on different computers)?

You can perform scanning task as many time you want. However, you can only upload the scanned output file once per upload url we sent to you.

•  Does it count a new upload attempt if I upload the same scanned result twice?

Other questions

•  What should I do if I encounter any problems?

We have listed frequently asked questions (FAQ) that may address the issue you are experiencing. Please refer to the FAQ section to see if your issue is covered. Otherwise, please contact .

•  Is this toolkit free?

It is completely free during the demonstration period, which is from July 31, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

•  Will any information from report and scanned result be revealed/read/gathered by third party?

No, it won't. The report is sent to the registered email only and we offer an option for “Protect report with password” during registration (we strongly recommend users to check this option). The scanned result is temporarily used for analyzing the weaknesses. All data will be deleted and won't be distributed or copied.

•  What data will ACSI keep?

ACSI do not record any personally identifiable information from registered members except for email addresses, which are solely used for providing scan reports. We will utilize the registered data for statistical analysis to enhance cybersecurity measures, and once the analysis is completed, we will promptly delete all data.

•  Can I apply for the free trial if my organization is not belong to APEC economic members?

Yes, you can still apply for it.

•  What should I do if I want to unregister?

We assure you that we do not record any personally identifiable information from registered members except for email addresses, which are solely used for providing scan reports. Our intention is to enhance cybersecurity measures through statistical analysis using the registered data. Once the analysis is completed, we will promptly delete all data. If you still want to unregister, please contact for removing all your data.